We are the first to sell furniture

We are a Czech company, dealing with the online sale of this assortment in our country and in Slovakia. Thanks to the fact that our offer of goods is really wide, we offer quality products complying with the strictest standards, but at the same time we sell at the most convenient price. We are thus the top sellers of this assortment with us.
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We offer a complete range of quality furniture, whether you need to arrange a house, an apartment or an office. We also offer garden furniture. In the event that you do not want or cannot pay cash, we offer you the opportunity to purchase on installments in cooperation with the company Home Credit. We also offer gift vouchers, which you will surely surprise and delight. Another of our special offers is the delivery of goods by our own cars, which gives our customers the assurance that they will not be damaged by transport. According to your request, we are able to provide you with all the costs and to assemble them professionally on site.

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