Come and join us

We offer not only fruit, but also natur sorbets of fresh fruit, which are very tasty and have a high fibre content and low sugar content. You can choose with flavors of manga, strawberries, blueberries and also Acaí, which is a super healthy exotic fruit. A draught ice cream is unfortunately not yet in such exotic flavors! A draught ice cream and super, but also creamy ice cream is worth tasting! They are fabulous and made from a quality creamy base and your choice is enriched with nuts, almonds, nouate, biscuits, chocolate pieces or raisins or cranberries. It depends only on your election!
Species for Pleasure
Enjoy the chocolate, hazelnut, Smurfs or the sensational scoured species such as cookies, Dolce Latte, fruit yogurt, coconut and almond, pistachios, vanilla with nuts, Pinguino, tiramisu or SACHR cake! Draught ice cream is also an amazing choice, not everyone likes a combination of many tastes!

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