Tips for Choosing the Best CDB for Dogs

With more states legalizing marijuana, there has been an increased interest in uses for CBD oil, one of the compounds found in hemp and cannabis. CBD oil does not usually have psychoactive properties, so it doesn’t cause a “high.” However, research shows that it provides many of the health benefits associated with medical marijuana. It has been linked to reduced pain and nausea, and some dog owners use it as an anti-anxiety medicine as well as an aid for promoting pets’ overall health. Owners who are searching for the Best CDB for dogs should look for high-quality, organic products in liquid form.

Work with a Veterinarian

Before going shopping for pet CBD products, it is a good idea to consult a vet who has experience with CBD. A veterinarian will explain how the substance works and detail any potential side effects. CBD for animals, like products made for humans, is sold in many forms, including treats. Most professionals recommend using liquids that are easy to administer. It is also easier to control the dosage when dealing with drops.

Be Careful of the Dosage

It is best to choose pet CBD products that spell out the recommended dosage. It is human nature to believe that more is better, but beneficial CBD can have unpleasant for pets if owners get the dosage wrong. CBD is not as dangerous as THC, but an overdose can cause lethargy and drowsiness. Dogs may even become nauseated or begin vomiting. A general rule of thumb is to stick with one drop for every ten pounds of a pet’s weight. That means a 40-pound dog would need four drops. If the dosage needs to be increased, it should be done a drop at a time.

Check Labels for CBD Content

Buy organic pet products that list every ingredient. Some are labeled, “hemp-infused,” but include minimal cannabinoid oil content or have none at all. Products tagged organic are free of pest control products that could be toxic.

There is evidence that CBD products created for dogs offer animals relief from a range of health problems. Owners should consult a vet before buying CBD products and then choose those that are organic. Quality organic CBD products list their cannabinoid oil content and other ingredients.