3 Reasons to Consider a Career in Project Management

In the last few years thousands of ex-military personnel, workers, and college graduates have chosen to become certified project managers. The field is expanding because businesses all over the world are clamoring for experts who can coordinate a range of projects. Project Management Careers are interesting, provide constant change, and are always in demand. Professionals in the field also make excellent salaries

Many Industries Use Project Managers

College students and recent graduates often enroll in project management courses so they have the skills to work in a variety of industries. A project manager is an expert who can apply the techniques, skills, tools and knowledge needed to meet a project’s requirements. They plan, execute, and close projects as well as manage teams and the expectations of stakeholders. These valuable abilities are in demand by companies industries that include aerospace, construction, engineering, finance, and health care companies.

The Field Offers Job Security

Many students choose a project management career to prepare them for a good-paying job, while others take courses to advance in existing careers. Newcomers to the field often start out as assistants, learn their craft, and then obtain Project Management Professional (PMP certification). By the time a beginner is certified, they are equipped for jobs all over the globe. The demand for project managers is rising so fast that industry experts predict there will be 700,000 job openings by 2020. Professionals in the field can often find positions that allow them to live and work in different countries.

Project Managers Are Well Paid

Experienced, certified project managers are qualified for many high-paying jobs. The median U.S. salary for a certified project manager is $69,000, with industries like IT paying the highest wages. Many employees who learned project management on the job increase their annual salaries by $10,000 once they are certified. It does take work and study to become an expert in the field, but companies are willing to pay top dollar for well-qualified project managers.

The project management field is ideal for workers who want interesting careers that offer great pay and job security. Certified project managers are in demand by companies all over the world, so professionals in the field often qualify for jobs that allow them to work in a variety of countries.

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