Perhaps Molina should've chosen this as his neck tattoo. Just sayin'

In my mind, there was only one truly ugly and disappointing moment in the Cardinals’ postseason run. It came after a disastrous Game 5 of the World Series, during which Albert Pujols called a botched hit and run and then misplayed a ball that led to the winning run. Pujols skipped out of the press interviews after the game, leaving the real work to the defenseless youngsters. When the press finally caught up with Pujols the next day and asked him about his actions, he said these unpleasant words in his defense: “Part of that is knowing that I deserve special treatment.”

Apparently the Cardinals weren’t in complete agreement with Pujols’ opinion of himself, preferring to let him go rather than center the franchise solely around him. Perhaps it’s because they realized that they already had an under-contract replacement for Pujols’ self-centered, diva-like personality in his once-constant companion, Yadier Molina

Before I say anything else, let me just reiterate that Molina is one of my favorite players on the field. Defensively he’s one of the very best (if not the best) in baseball. He has a keen understanding of the hitters in the league and how to attack them. He’s fiery and emotional, a man almost possessed to win. And there is no way to ignore the vast improvements he’s made to his offensive game over the years. If he’d actually make an attempt to run out ground balls, he might really be something.

Molina’s talent, his aggressiveness, and his puppy-dog looks have made him a favorite among Cardinal fans for seven years. That’s why fans snapped up every available ticket within hours for Molina’s autograph session at this weekend’s Winter Warm Up (at $75 a piece!) just to see their beloved catcher, say thank you, and get his autograph.

Unfortunately, Molina decided to skip the charity event. For the second straight year.

Last year, the excuse was a sick child. Okay, said Cardinals fans, we can accept that. However, the Cardinals made it clear that they were unhappy with Molina’s absence from the event, choosing to reprimand him in private. This year, Molina had no excuse except some mysterious “family event” around which he simply could not find two hours out of his three month offseason to meet the fans.

John Mozeliak was left to explain to disappointed fans why their hero was missing. “I just don’t think he loves the autograph process and going through all of that,” said a flabbergasted Mozeliak, adding that the club will address the issue at a later time.

Let’s make this clear: Yadier Molina is an employee of the St. Louis Cardinals. His “job” is to play a game for fans and be idolized by millions across the country. One of his obligations as an employee of the Cardinals is to make an appearance FOR CHARITY and FOR THE FANS for two whole hours in January.

Yet, for some reason, Molina thinks he’s too special to meet that obligation and mingle with the little people who are paying good money to worship him.

The other members of the team were there, including Carlos Beltran and J.C. Romero, who have yet to play even one inning for the franchise. Decorated senior members like Chris Carpenter, Matt Holliday, and Lance Berkman were there as well. Hell, even Tony La Russa showed up to support his FORMER team. But, for some unsettling reason, Molina feels like he is somehow above such obligations.

Remember when the team punished Adam Kennedy for skipping the Winter Warm Up in 2008? Remember how TLR publicly reprimanded Scott Spiezio for arriving late to the event that same winter? This shows beyond a doubt that the club views non-participation in this event as a serious infraction, not some minor inconvenience.

Molina is not better than anyone else on the team. He does not get to make his own schedule or gain extra privileges not offered to other players. The Cardinals sponsor this special event in order to help charities in the area, as well as give fans a (costly) treat in the winter to celebrate their favorite players. Not showing up to this event two years in a row is a slap in the face to his employer, as well as the numerous fans who waited in the cold with emptied wallets just to see him.

As Pujols’ recent exit shows, there is no more room on this club for players who think the world revolves around them. It’s time for Molina to act like a man rather than a spoiled brat, and support his team rather than abandon it.

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Lifelong Cardinal fan and general loudmouth.

  • Yadier Benjamin Molina

    Bueno, hay muchas, muchas, muchas partes de este post en el que son absolutamente equivocado! Molina es cualquier cosa menos una diva! Si has pagado ninguna atención a nada de lo que dice, usted lo entendería. Él no se presentó en el evento de caridad, no porque él piensa que es mejor y puede hacer lo que quiera, sino porque él realmente no le gusta el proceso. Él le dijo Mozeliak de antemano que no iba a estar allí, y que estaba arrepentido. Y Mozeliak informó a los aficionados antes de tiempo que Molina no estaría allí y no a pagar para verlo, pues él no estaría allí. Él no cree que es mejor que los demás. Él es un jugador de equipo y realmente cree en el equipo y en sí mismo. Sólo porque alguien cree en sí mismos no significa que ellos piensan que son mejores! Él no cree que es muy especial, ya sea! Y Molina se comporta como un hombre. Él no es un niño mimado! Y él no abandona a su equipo. Él apoya al 100%.

    Y tu vas a preguntar cómo lo sé, estoy en lo cierto? Bueno, teniendo en cuenta que soy …….. usted sabe que estoy diciendo la verdad.

  • Yadier Benjamin Molina


    Well, there are many, many, MANY parts of this post where you are absolutely wrong!! Molina is anything BUT a diva!! If you payed any attention to anything he says, you would understand. He didn’t show up at the charity event NOT because he thinks he’s better and can do whatever he wants, but because he really does not like the process. He told Mozeliak ahead of time that he would not be there, and that he was sorry. And Mozeliak informed the fans ahead of time that Molina would not be there and not to pay to see him because he wouldn’t be there. He does NOT think he is better than everyone else. He is such a team player and truly believes in the team and in himself. Just because someone believes in themselves doesn’t mean they think they are better!! He does NOT think he is too special, either!! And Molina does act like a man. He is NOT a spoiled brat!!! And he does NOT abandon his team. He supports it 100%.

    And your going to ask how I know, am I right? Well, considering who I am…… would know I’m telling the truth.

    • Ray DeRousse

      Hey “Yadi,” why are you referring to yourself in the third person?

  • Yadier Benjamin Molina

    Because I did not want everyone to know that I was Yadier Molina. But then I decided that you would not believe me.

    • Ray DeRousse

      And yet it says “Yadier Benjamin Molina” as the name. If that’s true, you’re doing a terrible job of hiding it.

  • bill owens

    what does molinas tattoes mean

    • Ray DeRousse

      I wish we knew. Molina refuses to discuss their meanings.

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