In what might very well go down in history as one of the greatest games ever played in the World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers traded punches like two weary prize fighters, bumbling and stumbling into a desperate late-inning showdown for the ages. Two unbelievable two-run comebacks by the never-say-die Cardinals resulted in a stunning, eleventh-inning walkoff home run to bring the World Series to a dramatic seventh and final game. DO YOU BELIEVE?!?

BERK: After a frustrating top of the first in which Jaime Garcia gave up a walk and three hits for one run, Lance Berkman came to the plate with Skip Schumaker on first and ripped a centerfield bomb for a temporary one-run lead. So fitting, given how Berkman has carried this team this far that he would contribute in their second-to-last game of the year. LOVE HIM!

Matt Holliday SUCKS: With the score tied 2-2, Matt Holliday had a bloop fly ball hit at him. Instead of calling off Rafael Furcal, or CATCHING THE FUCKING BALL, Holliday dropped it for a two-base error. AWESOME. This is Holliday’s ball-to-the-nutsack moment for 2011 – is he contractually obligated to fuck up in every postseason?? This muscle-headed meathead has been the WORST player for the Cardinals in this World Series, and that’s really sayin’ something. Seriously, Holliday, go pose for underwear ads and stop playing baseball, because YOU FUCKING SUCK.

THE TERRIBLE FOURTH: After Holliday’s retarded non-play, the Rangers called for a bunt. Fernando Salas fielded the ball, and promptly tossed the ball into center field to score a run. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Way to meltdown like a bunch of menstruating bitches! Here’s an idea – CONCENTRATE! GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!!

LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES: Hey, what a great idea – commit a THIRD error in the fifth inning after we’ve tied the game! That’s exactly what David Freese did to open the fifth, dropping a simple pop fly at third. The next batter ripped a double to score a run, which is AWESOME. Is this the Little League World Series?? Can these guys legally rub pine tar on their fucking gloves?? By the end of the fifth, the Cardinals had played this game like a bunch of chumps.

HOLLIDUMB: The Cardinals attempted a comeback in the bottom of the sixth with Texas winning 4-3. Berkman singled, Holliday reached on an error (of course), and David Freese walked. Then Yadier Molina walked to tie the game and leave the bases loaded for Nick Punto, which is never a great situation. But suddenly Mike Napoli throws down to third base after the first pitch and catches Holliday’s dumb ass wandering around the third base line. The pickoff murdered the rally, and Holliday injured his pinky finger (poor baby) and had to leave. As it turned out, this was a terrific turn of events.

CRUSHING BLOW: All night the Rangers wouldn’t stay on the mat. When the Cardinals tied the game in the sixth, the Rangers roared back with consecutive homers from Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz off of Lance Lynn, and then three more singles for a third run in the seventh. It looked like the end of the line at that point.

RANGERS IN DANGER: The Rangers sustained heavy casualties tonight, ones that might seriously affect their ability to handle game seven. Mike Napoli severely twisted his ankle while running to second base; they taped it up, but the swelling was already apparent. Later, Nelson Cruz was limping down into the tunnel in the tenth, and might not be a full strength anymore. While you want to beat them, you don’t want to see fine players injured like that.

RETURN OF THE CRAIGKEN: Thankfully Holliday hurt himself, which meant that Allen Craig took his spot in left field and in the lineup. And Craig did not disappoint, ripping a solo home run to pull the Cards within two in the eighth inning. Still looked bleak, but it was the warning shot of the fireworks to come.

MVP PART 2: The ninth inning saw Albert Pujols double and Lance Berkman walk after a Ryan Theriot strikeout. They stood there with two outs after Allen Craig also struck out. Up came Mr. David Freese, who slashed a miraculous triple over the head of Nelson Cruz to score both Pujols and Berkman. CLUTCH! Freese was immediately and permanently forgiven for dropping that popup earlier in the game.

MOTTE GOOD: I was thinking to myself that it wasn’t a good idea to bring Jason Motte back in the tenth inning of a tied ballgame, and my fears were realized. Motte gave up a two run bomb to an ailing Josh Hamilton to give Texas what seemed to be a gut shot that would kill almost every other club. Not on this night, however, and not to the Cardinals.

BERKMAN IS A GOD: How can anyone explain or comprehend the sight: Daniel Descalso on third base with two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning and the Cardinals down by a run, and up strides Lance Berkman, the last hope, with that look in his eye that we’ve come to love from him. He did not disappoint. Berkman did what every great hitter does in that moment – he sliced a single over the infield to tie that game. Unlike Holliday, who swings at every ball like he’s trying to kill it, Berkman knows that a simple hit will work just as well. ABSOLUTELYPERFECT HITTING.

THE FINAL COMEBACK: When Freese came up in the bottom of the eleventh, you just knew something was going to happen. There was electricity in the air. The Cardinals, having botched almost everything in the game until the seventh and fought so very hard, were not about to let this get away now. This time, Freese made sure there were no failures, demolishing a belt-high offering from Mark Lowe and depositing it in the grass in straight-away center field. Busch Stadium rocked and swayed with delirium as the team converged on their powerful third baseman and ripped his clothes off.

A FINAL THOUGHT: Think about this – the Cardinals had four runs and only three hits through seven innings tonight. They had as many errors as hits. But, for whatever reason, this team works best while teetering on the precipice, pushing fate to its limit and almost daring the baseball gods to strike them down. However, instead of being punished for their insolence, the Cardinals are now taking their season down to the final game possible and a chance – a very good chance – at destiny. It seems impossible, but it’s really happening. Believe!

PLAYER OF THE GAME: I’m tempted to make Holliday the POTG for being such a dope that he got himself out of the way of this team early enough that they won. Still, it goes to Freese, of course, for his two unbelievable clutch hits to win this game and save the season.

CONCLUSION: We are just one game away now, and thank goodness for that. I’m crawling to the end of this emotional marathon, and I can’t take it anymore. I can only imagine how the players feel at this point. But we’re all headed into a final showdown that, if the rest of the Series is any indication, will be a fight to the final out.


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Lifelong Cardinal fan and general loudmouth.

  • maggie

    Regarding Freese error in the 5th inning, everyone makes mistakes occasionally, such as your own one in the opening paragraph calling Freese stunning walkoff home run to win the game as being in the 10th inning instead of the 11th as you correctly state later in this piece.  Freese definately made up for his error in both the 9th and 11th innings. 

    • Ray DeRousse

      Thank you for the catch. That is corrected. And I gave Freese credit for making up for his error, so I’m not exactly sure why you’re complaining.

  • Patrick

    The baseball gods were gone for the first few innings.  The only god was chaos.  The baseball gods returned late to make their stamp on the game.  I think they were absent in protest of Holliday playing.  Once he left, they returned.