Why is it that a man who played for a franchise for 12 years, played with some of the greatest players in history and won three World Series Championships with that team, seems to hold such a hateful attitude towards. This man is Tim McCarver.

McCarver played for the Cardinals in parts of twelve seasons making his MLB debut at the young age of 17 in 1959 and ended his Cardinals career at in 1969. He had decent offensive and solid defensive numbers batting .272 with 66 home runs, 453 RBI’s, and 1,029 hits.  He was a catcher for the Cardinals and he caught some of the greatest pitchers in the game Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, and played with Cardinal Legend Lou Brock. McCarver as a Cardinal had He was regarded as one of the greatest Cardinal catchers of all time behind only Ted Simmons who played after him.  But I will never consider him in the top 1000 Cardinal catchers of all time, yes Gerald Larid, Gary Bennet, Jason LaRue, Bryan Anderson in the 2 or 3 games he caught, will all go ahead of him on my list because of the man he has become today.

McCarver has been a longtime sportscaster with St. Louis native Joe Buck as his partner in crime. They have broadcasted 14 World Series together and several Fox game of the weeks together, but why is it that I hate them both so much when they are together? Well it is because he is a negative, hateful, Cardinal hater. If he is trying to hide Bias he should win the Ford Frick award and be a hall of Famer because Bravo! But I know this is not the case, maybe the Cardinals pissed him off back when he was a player and he kept his grudge, or maybe he is just a BIG IDIOT! Either way, I am sick and tired of listening to him talk. Every comment is negative, if the Cardinals do something wrong, he points it out and never leaves it be(ex. When Pujols missed the cutoff throw) but if the Cardinals do something right, he looks for several ways of how they could have possibly done it without cheating or without just being skilled, “IT MUST BE LUCK.”

Not only is he negative and Anti-Cardinals, he is also just a horrible sports caster. He stumbles his words constantly, never has anything to say that people care about, and he just seems like he knows nothing about the game that he played for 22 seasons and has been a part of for over 50 years.  Of all the former Cardinals he ranks first on my list as most hated above Adam Kennedy. It is a shame that nearly all of Cardinal Nation hates a player that did so much for the team back when he was a player, but can you blame any of them, I am one of them, one of the many who cannot stand him.

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I've loved the Cardinals for as long as I can remember, and always will.

  • Harrison Lee Rodebaugh

    finally some one sees it like me, Harrison Lee!!
                                        Harrison Lee Rodebaugh 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.m.cunningham.5 Mary Cunningham Mcpherson

    omg me too hate them both

  • John

    The reason I hate Timmy is that he has the sensibilities of a 6th grader and is proud to display that cunning for our benefit. I expect he was probably too big to have benefited from some concentrated ass-kickings as a youth and we now are suffering the consequences.

  • Skydog1

    I agree with you 100%!

  • Jay Liebenguth

    Around our place we’ve turned it into a drinking game we call, “Shut Up McCarver!” The man talks like he’s never played the game and his disrespect, is legion.