Every post season there is always one or two players who stand above the rest and make a name for themselves in October. Players like Darrel Porter, Bruce Sutter, Adam Wainwright, David Eckstein, Yadier Molina, and more recently David Freese and Allen Craig. So with the Cardinals advancing to the NLDS against the Nationals, this made me wonder who has the possibility to be the next post season hero for the Cardinals. 

Allen Craig:

Allen “The Craigken” Craig showed he could handle the post season last season being an obvious runner up to David Freese in the World Series last season. Craig has carried his late season success in 2011 all throughout the 2012 season and I think he can continue being a hero in 2012. Craig is a clutch hitter who loves hitting with runners in scoring position, he also has some power which makes him a complete threat offensively. He drove in one of the six runs in the one game wild card playoffs, expect him to do much more.

Pete Kozma:

Sure he was one of the two parties involved in the infamous “infield fly” rule in the wild card game, but without the emergence of Kozma in September who knows where the Cardinals would be. I think that he will be able to come through and continue his late season success throughout the post season and maybe bring a little magic to the table.

Carlos Beltran:

Beltran has been both a post season hero and a post season blunder in seasons past. I think that Beltran has the potential to come through for the Cardinals in an attempt to win his first ring. Beltran has been one of the streakiest hitters in all of baseball this season, but he has proved when he is hot, there is no stopping him. If he can catch fire, watch out because he will also rub off on the rest of the Cardinals and we will win with ease.

Lance Lynn and the Bullpen:

Lynn proved to be a weapon in the 2011 post season, I think he can do it again this season and this time make an even bigger impact. The 2011 All Star has been used as a starter and a reliever this season and I think he could excel at both in the post season  but we will definitely see him a lot in the post season.  Every year a reliever tends to stand out, last season we had a few including Lynn himself, Octavio Dotel, Marc Rzepczynski, and Jason Motte. I expect Motte, Lynn, and Boggs to have a huge post season this year.


These are just a few of many who could have success in this post season, but I expect huge things from the young and the veterans this season.  It is going to be a big post season and it is bound to be a fun one! The NLDS starts tomorrow at Busch Stadium against the Nationals, I expect the series to be a fun one especially with the Cardinals offense, if they can stay hot.

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