Hot on the heels of the excellent 2011 Official World Series Film comes this monstrous 8-disc 2011 World Series Collector’s Edition. All seven games of one of baseball’s most dramatic World Series are featured here in their entirety, plus an eighth disc of season and playoff highlights! This carefully-crafted Collector’s Edition clocks in at 20 hours of material, allowing any die-hard fan of the Cardinals to relive this most astonishing of triumphs in high-definition! You can purchase this set by CLICKING HERE.


Each of the first seven discs of the set features a single game of the Series in its entirety. Video and audio are just as crisp as you remember them on live television, and expect from DVD mastered from HD video.

It’s amazing to watch these games and find yourself falling back into the tension and dread you felt during Game Six – will David Freese come through with two outs??? – only to experience the elation and excitement all over again. It’s nice to have these remarkable games preserved forever for future generations who will definitely not believe the stories they are sure to hear about this instant classic!

Even better, each game disc comes with three extra audio tracks! Now you can remove the sound of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck relentlessly cheering for the Rangers! Instead of the original-broadcast audio from Fox Sports, you can listen to the Cardinals Radio Network, the Rangers Radio Network (listen to them cry!!), and ESPN Deportes Radio. This is a terrific bonus, as it gives extra flavor to what must be one of the great upsets in sports history.

I love the packaging for each game – the plastic sleeves for each one contains play-by-play statistics for each inning, as well as box scores. It’s a comprehensive and detailed look into each game. I also really loved the DVD menu for each game, which allows you to scroll through each inning in a box score format and view exactly the moment you want.


The bonus disc contains a treasure chest of memorable moments from the 2011 season. The big ones are all here: Pujols’ two walk-offs against Chicago, the Westbrook grand slam, the Schumaker home run, and on and on and on. Watching this, you really get a sense of destiny about this team, even when we couldn’t really see it at the time as it was happening.

Then the disc takes you through all of the Cardinal highlights in the playoffs, including locker room celebrations and indelible moments. Thrill to Chris Carpenter letting out a primal scream of pure joy after vanquishing the Phillies! Watch Matt Holliday dismantle the Brewers! Laugh at the incompetence of Nyjer Morgan and Shane Victorino! It’s all here!!

If I had a complaint about this bonue disc at all, it would be a lack of narration and/or subtitles to inform the viewer exactly what they’re watching. The clips are simply presented with a date overlaid on them, which doesn’t really give the viewer a sense of where the clip is in the stream of time, or what it means to the overall success of the team. That’s particularly troublesome late in the season, as the Cardinals staged their dramatic comebacks – the clips rarely give a sense of the dramatics behind the events.

Still, for any hardcore fan who has this season tattooed on their frontal lobes, this is a minor quibble. It’s just great to have this collection of exciting moments compiled into one complete package.


What can one say except WOW. MLB Productions and A&E Home Entertainment have carefully crafted a wonderful love letter to Cardinal Nation. Our beloved Cardinals shocked the baseball world this year, and this set is a near-perfect testament to that achievement. This remarkable boxed set is sweeter than a gently-blown kiss from John Mozeliak himself, and nearly as finely-woven as one of his scarves. I can understand it if you passed on the DVD collections of past Series (I mean, who really wants to remember 2006?), but this is one for the ages. If you’re going to purchase one piece of World Series memorabilia, make it this comprehensive World Series Collector’s Edition!

You can buy it right here by following THIS LINK!

Thanks again to MLB Productions and A&E Home Entertainment for allowing us the chance to review this for our readers!!

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  • Jill L.

    I am soooo excited and cannot wait to watch!!  At least this time, I won’t be pacing the floor and shouting at the television – ha ha!