A week ago I would have said that the Cardinals would be very quiet at the winter meetings that begin tomorrow. Yet, after seeing some tweets from Joe Strauss and Derrick Goold of the Post Dispatch, I am starting to think that the Cardinals could be making some additions after all. Here are a few speculations that I have of what could happen over the next few days as the Winter Meetings go underway. 


Joe Strauss has hinted over twitter that he expects the Cardinals to make a trade over the winter meetings:

“I would also expect Mo’ to swing a trade in Nashville. #Developing

The only real needs that the Cardinals have this off-season are middle infield, left handed relief, and possibly a right handed experienced bench bat. There are a few left-handers on the free agent market as well as some possible bench bats, yet the market for shortstops are very thin. I believe that this could be the time that the Cardinals finally capitalize and trade for a shortstop. The main guys that come to mind are Elvis Andrus of the Rangers and Asdrubal Cabrera, either of which would be huge upgrades over the aging Rafael Furcal and the other internal options.  Cabrera is signed through 2014 and is a more complete player than Andrus, but Andrus is younger and his speed and glove are huge weapons.  The Cardinals abundance of corner infielders and starting pitching could help them easily make a trade possible. But will the Cardinals actually make a trade this winter? I sure hope so.

Non-Tender options

Strauss also tweeted recently:

I would think there is someone on the non-tender pile of major interest to Cardinals.

This is really intriguing to me because it makes me really wonder which of the many recently non-tendered players that the Cardinals could go after. Some of the guys already non-tendered include Brian Wilson, Jair Jurrjens, John Lannan, Nate Schierholtz, Tom Gorzelanny, Peter Moylan, Manny Parra, Rafael Perez, Andres Torres, and many others. Could the Cardinals get their right handed bench bat or left handed reliever this way? I’m not sure what the Cardinals could be cooking here but there are a lot of interesting options.

Free Agency

I doubt the Cardinals make any free agent signing over the Winter Meetings without them being non-tendered, but there is one name that keeps popping up everywhere, Sean Burnett. Burnett a left handed reliever who pitched for the Nationals last season has been said to seeking a multi-year deal. Though he has said to be seeking four years,  Derrick Goold put those rumors to rest saying the Cardinals are interested in him but not for the four years. I think he could be a huge addition to the bullpen but I would be skeptical to give him more than a two year contract.


Who knows exactly what the Cardinals will end up doing over the winter meetings, but I do expect them to get something done! Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to report some good news right in time for the holiday season.

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  • http://www.unfilteredlens.com/ Ray DeRousse

    Off the non-tender pile, it’s definitely Gorzelanny. Lefty, 2.88 ERA last year with a decent 1.319 WHIP. Of course, Strauss said it in such a way as to indicate that there SHOULD be interest in a player like this, not that the Cardinals are actually seeking one of them. However, I know the club had some interest in Gorzelanny in the past, and would be a reasonable addition in the bullpen.

    • http://www.stlcardinalbaseball.com/ Kyle Dallman

      I agree, the move makes perfect sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lizzie.bethley Lizzie Bethley

    They’ll accomplish MORE in the Winter Meetings than YOU will in your whole entire LIFE!!!!!! #JustSayin’… #TimeToCloseTheCommentsSectionNow 😉

    • http://www.stlcardinalbaseball.com/ Ray DeRousse

      If I’m such a loser, why do you waste your time stalking me? You want to tell me I’m pathetic and lonely and unattractive, yet you apparently have nothing going on in your life that you have so much time and energy to waste on something you despise. Get a hobby.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lizzie.bethley Lizzie Bethley

        YOU apparently have NOTHING going on in YOUR life that you spend almost 100% of your time TRASHING Freese with ABSOLUTELY ZERO REAL PROOF, AND, You are SO threatened by people with opposing opinions that you CLOSE the “comments section” instead of ADMITTING that you are WRONG!!!!!! Get a hobby. :)

        • http://www.stlcardinalbaseball.com/ Ray DeRousse

          No, I do not spend my time trashing Freese. And yes, I did have proof of what I wrote regarding him. As Bill McClellan wrote in a follow up article, the woman who saw the accident and called 911 said there was no deer. In other words, Freese and the police LIED to cover up his accident. So my story was closer to the truth than the “official story” you have spent countless hours attempting to defend for whatever reason.
          I have no problem with dissenting opinions. However, you seem to have mental and emotional problems that waste my time. If you don’t like what we write, then DON’T COME HERE. I’m not changing my opinion, so you’re WASTING YOUR TIME.