So a story came out in the Post Dispatch (you can read their swill right here) updating the current condition of Jaime Garcia‘s problematic shoulder. Garcia now claims that he felt “tightness” in the shoulder ALL SEASON but thought it was “all in his head.” No, Jaime, those are very real walks and home runs you’re giving up.

Garcia went to see the infamous Dr. George Paletta before wisely getting a second opinion from Los Angeles orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum. The eventual diagnosis was a “moderate” tear in his labrum, which is a cuff of cartilage that forms a cup around the end of the arm bone in the shoulder socket.

Fun science fact: cartilage tears do not repair themselves. However, many labrum tears do not require surgery because most people do not throw a baseball 100 times every few days. Paletta, apparently not taking this into account, expressed the following “sound” medical opinion: 

Garcia said he received reassurances from both doctors about the possibility that rest and rehabilitation will allow him to avoid surgery that offers few guarantees.

A moderate labrum tear will just “get better” with rest? Should Garcia also take two aspirins and call you in the morning? Geez.

There are a few problems here:

1. If Garcia felt an issue with his shoulder – even if there was no pain – he should’ve reported it to the medical staff (as frightening as that surely is for any player). The organization just made a significant investment in him, and he was clearly hurting the team with every ineffective five-inning start.

2. Labrum tears do not just magically heal themselves with bed rest, Christian prayers, and crossed fingers.

3. As I discussed last week, Garcia’s faulty pitching mechanics are directly causing these sorts of injuries, and they will continue to worsen. The trainers on the team (including Dave Duncan) apparently never considered this while grooming him.

4. The Cardinal medical staff needs to be fired immediately. By recommending two months of rehab on this shoulder, they are putting the team behind by wasting time and mistreating injuries. They are basically doing to Garcia what they did to Scott Rolen and are currently doing to Jon Jay.

So I want this on the record: Dr. Paletta M.D. (major dumbass) has stated that, with rest and rehab, the shoulder should be fine. I’M saying that Garcia will have a much-needed surgery by the end of this year, one that should’ve been performed a while ago already if anybody on this team did their job properly.

Really, really irritating.

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  • Jennifer Thomure

    Paletta is a workmans comp doctor he works for the Cardinals management not the players. I agree fire the whole staff.

  • jonjayfan

    I think the cards should just hire me to head their medical staff. I have no traing for it but love the cards and would welcome the chance to work for them. Of course when ever a player would have a medical issue I would just tell him he is fine but should get a second opinion right away. Then I would just have him sign some baseballs for me (-:
    I never thought our doctors would be the cause of us not repeating.