Yesterday Cardinal fans mourned the loss of their greatest champion, the incomparable Stan Musial. Every tribute that subsequently honored The Man’s extraordinary life mentioned Musial’s personality in equal measure with his statistics. For most baseball fans, Musial truly represented the Cardinals with his lifelong devotion, care, patience, and affection. He always showed his humble gratitude for his place in St. Louis and baseball history.

Yadier Molina could learn a thing or two from The Man.

Tucked away in a dark, unnoticed corner of Derrick Goold’s Sunday morning update was a tiny little paragraph announcing that Molina would be skipping tonight’s Man of the Year dinner in his honor due to “prior commitments.” The dinner, announced with a sports-leading headline by Rick Hummel in the Post-Dispatch on November 23rd (in other words, TWO MONTHS AGO), was no simple smorgasbord luncheon. It was a $150 a plate extravaganza to honor Molina (and other members of the 2012 Cardinals) for their extraordinary accomplishments during the season. It was scheduled to coincide with the Winter Warm Up, the annual charity function put together by the team.

For those keeping score, this is the third consecutive year that Molina has skipped out on a charity event. However, this one seems particularly despicable.

When I ripped into Molina last January for missing out on the 2012 Winter Warm Up, he was merely stiffing fans for the money they paid to get into the event itself. This time, however, he’s stiffing fans $150 a plate who came primarily to honor HIM. Molina was the MAIN EVENT, and he’s skipping it without even an excuse more descriptive than “prior commitments.” How pathetic.

All of the Molina excuse-makers have been quick to defend him. “Poor Yadi doesn’t like large crowds,” they say in their best pouty voice. Here’s a question for all of these teat-sucking morons: why was this “prior commitment” not announced until the day of the event? There were TWO MONTHS between the time of the announcement and the event itself. Did Yadi simply forget until the last minute? He certainly has the money now to afford a personal assistant if he is struggling to keep his personal affairs in order.

Here’s another thought: how many tickets to this exclusive event would the Cardinals have sold had they announced Molina’s absence immediately? I’m sure few people would pay $150 a plate to see Lance Lynn or Mitchell Boggs.

Molina was supposed to be honored as St. Louis’ Man of the Year, but he’s not man enough to overcome his rumored shyness and accept the congratulations of fans who are paying terrific sums of money to do so? Not even for charity?

Musial was a humble man who often recoiled at the idea of being exalted. Still, he graciously accepted the love and adulation of the fans and baseball media. He realized that his place in baseball and in the hearts of Cardinal fans was special, and he never took it for granted or abused it.

Molina could learn a lot from a real man like that. I’ve noticed that Molina has always graciously shown up at press conferences announcing the huge contracts given to him by the Cardinals. Can he not do the same for the fans who pay for that contract, the same fans who paid for a chance to eat a dinner with him tonight?

Being Man of the Year is not something you’re given. It’s something you EARN. Grow up, Yadi.

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Lifelong Cardinal fan and general loudmouth.

  • Dan Skaggs

    I bet if this woudl have been Stan he would either show up or refund the money out of his own pocket….I love yadi but this is just wrong

    • Ray DeRousse

      Dan, I couldn’t agree any more with you. Well put!

  • CarolanRoss

    Love Yadi, but that is just selfish and rude.

  • Rick Geissal

    Agree with everything except the pointless “teat-sucking morons.” What does “teat-sucking” have to do with defending Molina, however appalling his actions?

    • Ray DeRousse

      Because some fans absolutely refuse to accept the truth in certain situations like this one. They believe anything thrown at them.

  • Susan Vance

    I wouldn’t feel like acepting a man of the year award after Stans death yesterday either…just sayin

  • Daniel Braden

    Ok, you wanna call Yadi out for not showing up at these events, then fine do it. Invoking Stan Musial into the conversation as an attempt to have him side with your position after he is no longer with us is uncalled for. This didn’t make me angry at Yadi, it made me angry at you Ray. Yes, yes Yadi should have shown up, but take out Stans name. Congrats, you made your own argument invalid.

    Grow up

    • Ray DeRousse

      What I did here is called a “lede” in journalism. You craft a story around a theme. In this case, comparing The Man to the actions of a player up for MAN OF THE YEAR. If you cannot see the connection, then I suggest that you take some English classes at your local community college.

  • Courtney Copley Robb

    Saw a tweet someone posted tonight with a picture of Yadi at a concert? Was that the prior commitment?!?! Really?

    • Ray DeRousse

      I can’t find that tweet. Would love to see it.

      • Courtney Copley Robb

        Found it but now Yadis name isn’t hash tagged…here is the name and tweet:
        @ImWaterz: Me and the big homie Yadier Molina after the show !! S/o frio_robb #Cardinals #Champions #MLB #Hiphop #Moli

        • Ray DeRousse

          Excellent work! Thank you!

  • Shloz

    You know, if someone has “prior commitments” three years in a row for a regular event at a regular date, you have to conclude that either:
    A) That someone just doesn’t want to come, no matter how sleazy it makes them look;
    B) That someone has a regular personal event (family or other) every year at that time that they are unwilling (or unable) to skip, like, say, a parent’s birthday, anniversary, or perhaps a memorial.
    Not knowing which explanantion is the right one, which one do you think Stan would have been more inclined to believe?

    • Ray DeRousse

      I get that. However, why is it so difficult to be honest to the fans about it? Why let fans fork over large sums of money and let them down?

  • John Poe

    Just saying … you’re trying to compare Yadi to Stan? How stupid are you? No one will ever be Stan, or what Stan meant to the city. So, why post this dumb blog? Yadi has always been a family man. Not every player goes to the Winter Warm Up. So, why don’t you find something else to get at, like charging money for Bo Hart’s autograph. Hart wasn’t even that great.

  • John Poe

    And he was at the winter warm up also, at last years he wasn’t though.