Like Yadier Molina, we’re never satisfied until we reach perfection!

We’ve been pretty quiet around here since the season came to an ugly and unsatisfying end. Some of that had to do with exhaustion after a tumultuous and emotionally-draining season. However, we also wanted to take some time to rebuild our outdated website and install all of the new features that have been in the planning stages for a while.

Aside from the new layout and look, here are some new features that will (hopefully) add to the excitement and overall enjoyment of our increasing readership:


If you re-size your browser window, you’ll notice one huge change immediately: responsive web design. “Responsive” design refers to the ability of a website to “flex” or reconfigure based on the device used to view it. For instance, viewing the site on a smart phone or an IPad will now be a seamless experience on par with viewing the site on a desktop.


One feature we’ve wanted for a while is the ability to post schedules and other Cardinal organization information. If you go to “Schedule” (located in the menu bar at the top), you’ll see a monthly calendar that features all upcoming events. While we are still tweaking some of this, most of the organizational information will be easily found here.


Our old site had a forum on it, but we were never happy with it and it barely functioned. Our new forum is snazzier, works with our layout in a better way, and should allow more discussion than ever before. As if Cardinal Nation needed another place to vent!!


This is something we’re really excited about. Over the course of our existence, we’ve had several requests from readers to post stories and opinion pieces on the site, but we never had a clean and manageable way to accomplish it. Now we do. By registering with the site (it’s free, silly) and logging in, you now have a way to create posts that will be featured on our growing site and with our huge Facebook and Twitter communities!

Even better, you can share your own work with your friends and family through a wide range of social media platforms and “grow your own brand,” so to speak. This is a way for many readers to introduce themselves and their voice to Cardinal Nation!

You can get started any time! CLICK HERE to begin the registration process and start writing!

[one_sixth]Let us know what you think![/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last]We’ll be ironing out the kinks over the next several days. After that, we will start installing this new design over at our sister sites STL BLUES HOCKEY and STL RAMS FOOTBALL, which should be, um, fun. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated as we strive to perfection![/five_sixth_last]

Thanks for your support!

– Ray DeRousse

About The Author

Lifelong Cardinal fan and general loudmouth.

  • Katie Coyle

    Congratulations on the new site. I like it, a lot. Can’t wait for spring training. Please add a countdown clock & the site WILL be perfect.

    • Ray DeRousse

      Got it! I’ll add it immediately!!

  • Kyle Dallman

    I miss some of the old things like the legends/greatest teams and our hall of fame wall at the top. But other than that it looks great!

    • Ray DeRousse

      I will be integrating legends/greatest teams stuff into pages to come. The HOF wall will not work in responsive design, unfortunately.

      • Kyle Dallman

        Alright sounds good! Also you should make that new logo our profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. Get us more on our own meritt instead of being attached to the Cardinals.

        • Ray DeRousse

          That’s the idea behind creating a new “STL” logo that can cross websites … I just haven’t figured out if I like that one yet.

  • Cindy Rask

    Congratulations Guys!! You’ve come long way…… love the new site. Can’t wait for the 2013 Season to begin with STL Cardinal Baseball… :-)