Cardinal doctor George Paletta poses in front of some of his recent patients

The month of May ended just as it began – with another crippling round of injuries and setbacks. Soon we’re going to need Red Schoendienst to handle some outfield innings, mostly because he’s in better shape than most of our younger players.

While our Cardinals might be fragile, at least some of the blame for this incredibly-prolonged spate of injuries belongs on the Cardinals’ medical staff. Vlad the Impaler has a better understanding of the human anatomy than these clowns. I’d feel more confident of a recovery if The Professor from Gilligan’s Island applied coconut electrodes to their wounds. I’ve written about the dungeon of horrors known as the training room at Busch Stadium before, and you can access it by clicking here.

Since there have been some updates regarding the physical breakdown of several players, I thought I’d compile them here:


Expected to return on Friday from what is now diagnosed as a shoulder separation, Jon Jay is seeking a second opinion as pain continues to emanate from the area.

A few comments. First of all, how did George Paletta and his team of blind Oompa Loompas miss a separated shoulder when originally diagnosing the injury? Were they examining him with a Viewmaster?? How is it that I can be properly diagnosed with a broken bone within 30 minutes at the local hospital, but it requires weeks for Paletta to see that an arm bone has dislodged from a shoulder socket?

Also, have you noticed how many Cardinal players are seeking a second opinion these days? SMART MOVE, GUYS! Ever since the Scott Rolen catastrophe, more and more players are seeking outside help to recover from injuries. Recently, Lance Berkman removed Paletta’s leeches from his knee and went outside the organization for proper medical care. Now Jay is doing the same thing.


Jaime Garcia will miss an upcoming start due to what the club characterizes as elbow inflammation. In organizational language, this is code for “torn ligament” or some other season-ending injury. Garcia has already had Tommy John surgery before, so hopefully this pain doesn’t indicate a recurrence of that kind of injury. I’m sure Paletta will send him right back out there so he can really pop something loose.


Skip Schumaker came out of last night’s game with a tight hamstring. This was something of an unmarked occasion, as that was officially the last muscle to be pulled on Schumaker’s body. We finally pulled them all, guys! Let’s go home!

My 90 year-old grandfather hasn’t gotten out of his wheelchair in five years, and he has better muscle development than Skip Schumaker. Skip is going on the restricted list for the third time this season, and he plays part time! Here’s a radical concept – stretch once in a while, Skip! Maybe eat a banana or two!


It sounds like Chris Carpenter is going to start throwing within two weeks, which probably puts him back in the rotation sometime around mid-to-late July. You just know Carp has been sitting on the bench grinding his teeth the last few weeks as our idiotic rotation repeatedly fails to reach the fifth inning. We need some Bulldog restored to this staff.


Who’s Scott Linebrink?

Linebrink has finally been cleared to climb onto a mound and throw baseballs from it. Which is great news (hopefully), given that, so far, Linebrink is the 2012 version of Brad Penny.


Lance Berkman’s surgery went well, and much better than Berkman himself had feared. He’s optimistic and upbeat (as usual), and eager to get to rehab and return sometime in August. In other words, just in time to make another miracle run for the playoffs.


Freese has enjoyed something of a miracle season in 2012. So far, he’s missed only 6 of 51 games, two in recent days due to a “mild wrist sprain” from a diving play on Monday. You never want to hear the words “Freese” and “injury” together in a sentence given that Freese’s bones have the density and strength of a fairy fart. He came into the game last night in a tight spot and didn’t look great, so I imagine he’ll be out a few more days.


Kyle McClellan has been on the disabled list since May 18 with what the club calls a “mild elbow strain.” After Paletta described the injury as a sprain, McClellan went to see a real doctor, who surprisingly agreed with Paletta’s original diagnosis (possibly a first). They used an interesting technique to help heal Kyle’s elbow – they removed “platelets” from his blood using a centrifuge and injected them into the area “to help promote healing.” C’mon, guys … just say that you removed adult stem cells from his blood and re-injected them! I know you cannot use the phrase “stem cells” in Puritanical Amercia (misspelled in honor of Republican dumbass Mitt Romney) without being fire bombed, but let’s just be honest about what we’re doing, okay?


Matt Carpenter is still out with an oblique strain suffered on May 23rd, and he has yet to even test the injury. This is the same injury that took down Skip Schumaker forever last year. Hopefully Carpenter can recover faster than Schumaker. Well, honestly, is there anything that can’t??


The only good news is that Allen Craig will be exiting the disabled list tomorrow (Friday) after a running session indicated that he was at full strength. That is, of course, until Friday night when ( insert injury ) happens to his ( insert body part ) and he’s out for ( insert time frame ) after Paletta misdiagnoses it three times.

We need to find a way to keep Craig healthy for the rest of the season. He’s a big key to the success or failure of the 2012 campaign, and we simply cannot afford to have him on the bench for weeks at a time. That is one reason why I’m in favor of hanging onto Matt Adams and platooning Craig and Adams at first; I’m hoping the intermediate rest will keep Craig in reasonable shape through the summer.

The most irritating aspect of this unending rash of injuries is that we cannot really blame injuries for a 13-16 month of May. Most of the losses in May were winnable games in which our league-leading offense kept us close. The pitching staff – largely untouched by injuries – has let the team down.

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  • jonjayfan

    These injurys are very frustrating to us fans. I hadn’t heard that jay is still hurting, that sucks. So he still might not be back Friday?
    We got to do something with lohse and Westbrook. Lynn and waino I’m good with. Garcia is ok as a fourth or fith starter (which he will be when carp returns). As far as our pen I don’t know if it’s miss use, no quality starts from starters, or if they just suck.
    I’d be in favor of trading holiday for some pitching, we have plenty of bats to make up for his, and everyone’s defense is better.

    • Ray DeRousse

      Nope, Jay isn’t coming back tomorrow.

      I think the starting rotation problem has led to the bullpen situation more than anything; they’re overexposed.

      A Holliday trade would be shocking. He’s at a great price right now, and I’m sure there would be several teams licking their lips at the idea of having him. However, we’d need to get some serious studs in return … I’m talking a front-of-rotation guy and a very good pitching prospect in return (at least).

  • George


    • jonjayfan

      I didn’t see anything wrong with article except when he called romney a dumbass.  I always found that ray tells us what he feels about with the cards based on not only his love for the team but also from very carefull fact checking.  I found the article very enjoyable and entertaining to read.  If you want to get upset at lies told to the public by the media just watch or read cnn, nbc, abc, espn, the washington post, the new york times, the dallas morning news…Those lies actually hurt people.  This is baseball and is just entertainment and ray’s column is very entertaining and insightfull. 

    • Ray DeRousse

      This article was mostly for fun, but if you follow the link to the article “Is There A Doctor In The Clubhouse” I detail quite a few misdiagnoses by Paletta and the rest of the Cardinals’ medical staff that led to prolonged or more serious injuries. There is no escaping their awful record, buddy. And I name more than just Paletta in that article.

      Perhaps you can visit Paletta yourself, and he will, after listening to you ramble for three seconds, prescribe you some sedatives. Calm down.

      • George

        Let me just tell you that paletta isnt the only doctor in the clubhouse. And what record? And i have visited him and he doesnt ramble. You have to be smart in order to be a doctor, something u could never achieve. 

        • Ray DeRousse

          I said “listen to YOU ramble,” you moron. LEARN TO READ.

  • George

    There were a lot of things wrong with it. The berkman thing is completely wrong. Paletta wouldnt send jaime out there to get hurt because paletta did jaimes tommy john so he wouldnt do that. And let me just ask how does espn lie? And those new stations do they just make it all up? NO! This man did not check his facts and some not all are wrong and misleading. I could write a entertaining article if i lied to.

    • Ray DeRousse

      The Jaime thing was a JOKE, dumbass.

      • George

        Normally when I write jokes, they are funny!

        • Ray DeRousse

          Yeah, buddy … you sound like a HOOT!

    • jonjayfan

      Hey George, what do you think of your doctor friend now???