Adam Wainwright‘s best start of 2012, one reminiscent of his Cy Young caliber 2009 season, helped reassure Cardinal Nation as the offense struggled and another Cardinal was lost to injury. However, a dominant Wainwright would not be denied, overpowering the Padres with a complete game shutout as the Cardinals (24-19) defeated San Diego 4-0 on a gorgeous night in St. Louis.

ACE FREELY: Tonight we saw vintage Wainwright. He was quick, determined, and focused, stalking around the mound and going right after his opponents. He hit 92 mph several times for the first time this year. And, unlike his last start, Waino had a devastating curveball working perfectly. Waino surrendered just three hits and no runs with nine strikeouts and, significantly, no walks. It was amazing to see Wainwright pitch a complete game shutout to save our bullpen and lift our spirits! Two great starts in consecutive nights! What a relief!

BRUTALITY: Almost unbelievably, the Cardinals suffered yet another injury in the first inning. Matt Carpenter ripped a double with one out, and immediately winced as he bolted out of the box – he strained a muscle in his right rib cage. He left the game, gripping his side in pain as he was led down the tunnel. What the hell is going on here? The injuries to this team are incomprehensible. Whorehouses don’t have people go down as fast as the 2012 Cardinals. TAKE SOME VITAMINS AND MINERALS, GUYS! Wet sheets of rice paper have greater range of motion than anyone on this team. They could pull a hamstring while in a coma. At this point I think we’d have to consider this season successful as long as nobody dies. Incredible.

STAR CHAMBERS: It was great to see Adron Chambers get his first major league start tonight, which is weird to imagine considering that he was on the team last year for a month or so. Of course, that was under the regime of Tony “Rookie Killer” La Russa. Chambers got a hit during his time, and also managed to steal a base that was taken away from him on a bad call by umpire Hunter Wendelstedt. His only miscue was a bad route on a line drive by Volquez; I’d still take that over Holliday fielding anything other than questions. As for Chambers, he really brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into his play; it’s a perfect fit with Matheny’s clubhouse.

TRICKY SLIDE: Daniel Descalso was on third base when Carlos Beltran grounded to first base. Descalso took off for home (probably not a good idea), and managed to slide his foot under the tag for the Cardinals’ second run. WHEW!

PADRES WITHOUT INTEGRITY: Edinson Volquez is a jackoff, an arrogant ass who has always had more attitude than talent. He caused problems with the Reds, so it was no surprise to see him disrespect his catcher on the field during the sixth inning. Padres manager Bud Black should’ve come out of the dugout and pulled Volquez off the field by his ear. Shameful and asinine – that is Edinson Volquez!

IT FIGURES: On the very day that I made fun of Matt Holliday‘s ox-like defense and blind-rage hitting style, he ripped a monstrous double off of the wall to drive in a run, and also made a sliding catch that converted into a double play. Who can explain it? He is apparently competing with Tyler Greene for the Jekyll and Hyde player of the year.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Are you kidding? Wainwright all the way, baby!

CONCLUSION: Two wins in a row feels pretty great, as does a magnificent start from a re-emergent Wainwright. Still, the injury toll is disturbing

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  • jonjayfan

    I don’t know what is more surprising, all of our injuries or all of the players that can step in and play so well. It’s nice to have such a deep team.

    • Ray DeRousse

      Boy, you’re not kidding there! The kids are really coming through in difficult times!