10. Ted Sizemore

Ted Sizemore began his career winning the Rookie of the Year Award with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1969 at the age of 24. He spent the next season with the Dodgers and then was traded from LA to the Cardinals for Dick Allen. He went on to spend five seasons with the Cardinals playing mainly at second base but spending some time at short, third, and in the outfield as well. Sizemore was not a superstar nor was he a post season hero playing in the dreadful  Cardinals seventies teams, however he was a reliable player at his position. He had a Cardinals line of .260/.329/.319 with 11 HR, 230 RBI, 299 runs scored, 93 doubles, and eleven triples. After his fifth season with the Cardinals Sizemore returned to the Dodgers and then spent some time with the Phillies, Red Sox, and Cubs.

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