Last time in Cardinals top tens I covered the top ten best catchers in franchise history which you can read (here). This time around we will switch from backstops to first base, a position which features many legends and heroes in Cardinals history. Now before I even begin this list let me make it perfectly clear, you will not see Stan Musial on this list.  *Honorable Mention: Stan Musial will not be on this list despite playing over 1,000 career games at first base. His best seasons and the majority of his career were spent playing in the outfield, so keep an eye out for him on that list.

10.)  Jack Clark

Jack “The Ripper” was one of the biggest post season heroes for the Cardinals during their great run in the late eighties. Though he only played three seasons with the Cardinals he became one of the most notable players at the position. Clark had an impressive line of .274/.413/.522 with 66 HR, 216 RBI, and 198 runs scored across three seasons. He led the league in walks, on base percentage, and slugging percentage in 1987 which was Clark’s best season with the club where he was both an All Star, Silver Slugger, and finished third in the MVP voting.  Clark also was an All Star and Silver Slugger in 1985 when the Cardinals fell just short of winning the World Series. Clarks most famous moment with the Cardinals came in 1985 where he hit the now famous home run that clinched the Cardinals pennant and sent them to the World Series against Kansas City. Though he was not known as the most friendly or sportsman-like player, many fans still love Jack Clark which is why he made the top ten.

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